What is a Home Rank?

Find-A-Home is an innovative decision engine that simplifies the process of finding a new home by automatically researching the area a house is located in and providing each home with a score based on a number of metrics. The engine uses a number of data sets, including the locations of City Parks, Schools, Bus Stops, Police Stations, Fire Stations, and Recreation Centers to build a ranking for each house.

Want to know how your current house would rank? Give the ranking system a try by entering an address below. If the map doesn't center exactly on your location after typing in an address, you can drag the marker to the correct location.

Rank My House!

Looking to Buy a House?

The Find-A-Home website offers a unique perspective on the home-buying experience. Rather than requiring you to drive around the area repeatedly or scouring the internet to see what is in the vicinity of your potential new home, the Find-A-Home website automatically does the majority of the research for you and presents it in a simple manner alongside the actual property listing.

Want to see it in action? Check out the property listings page.